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About Us

SQRRL! is an amazing fun band for kids created by singer/songwriter and guitarist Doug Segree! Over the past two years the band has played elementary schools, libraries, festivals and various private events for kids (and adults). They have released two albums and are preparing to release a third in the fall of 2019. The SQRRL! band consists of Mr. Doug (singing, guitar and kazoo),  Ms. Karla (singing, keys, Luke and dance), and Dana Bass (bass, singing and fun).

Mr. Doug

Meet Mr. Doug, he’s not a slug or a bug you find under the rug- he is the creator and songwriter of SQRRL!  

Mr. Doug sings, plays guitar and ukulele, and also plays kazoo.  He likes carrots and peas and enjoys jump roping.

Ms. Karla

Oh so sweet and friendly, Ms. Karla sings, plays keyboards, tambourine and loves to dance.  

She is a great listener, loves butternut squash and can hulahoop like a CHAMP!!  

Dana Bass

Dana Bass, also known as D Bass, plays bass guitar and sings. He too plays kazoo and can moonwalk.  

He likes carrots, likes to read comic books and loves Chick -Fila!

and.... Daisy SQRRL!, Aunt Vicki, Eddie the Elf

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