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A PLAYFUL AND ENERGETIC band creating LIVE performances and RECORDED music for kids and families to enjoy. The SQRRL! Band is: Mr. Doug (singing, guitar, ukulele, and kazoo), Ms. Karla (singing, keys, and dance), Dana Bass (bass, singing and fun); as well as Daisy SQRRL, Aunt Vicki, Eddie the Elf, and other wacky, imaginative characters.

Across America

You've enjoyed SQRRL!'s lively show at community centers, libraries and schools throughout the Mid Atlantic region. This year, SQRRL! has a new focus: sharing hope, joy, and the spirit of imagination through music for children isolated by illness; disability; geographic, economic, or political disadvantage, while also creating awareness of children in need.

SQRRL! Across America is an outreach vision of Doug Segree's. A lifetime career musician, father of 3, and high energy creative cat, Doug's discover a passion for bringing music to kids feelings of isolation that illness can manifest. "When I get see the smiles and hear the kids laugh... there's just nothing that makes me happier."

With COVID-19, it's even more important to reach out to kids now. We've begun doing this in 2020 by going room to room virtually, streaming our visits through tablets brought to the kids by hospital staff. We premiered our Virtual Visit program with two visits to Baltimore Sinai Hospital (through Hope for Henry). We are eager to grow our programming reach to more children inside and outside hospitals, across the USA.

With your help, the SQRRL! team can commit the remainder of 2020 to the kids, while also building partnerships and awareness to take SQRRL! Across America into 2021. We are looking for donations that will contribute to: developing and expanding our programming, purchasing gifts for the kids we visit, creating partnerships, and administrative expenses.